• Secodish: An Investor Invitation

    Our client, a startup seeking funding via Kickstarter, wanted to showcase their newly-developed product to potential investors — but needed to do so efficiently. So using the principles themselves as narrators, we created a super-efficient video production that looked great but didn’t break the bank.

  • Motorola: New Product Video

    Working closely with Jim Lennon Photography, we provided b-roll footage of Motorola’s new RFID scanner product for use in online demos and press footage.

  • Healthy Directions Multimedia

    We were hired to create a multimedia-rich demo site for Dr. David Williams, a key player in vitamins, supplements and health products for a mature audience. The site was designed to walk customers and potential customers through the advanced functionality of the new company website. Voiceovers were recorded to make the process as easy as […]

  • Adam Rafferty Guitar DVDs

    World-renowned instrumentalist Adam Rafferty tours the globe playing his unique acoustic finger style at clubs, festivals and concert halls. He is also passionate about teaching his style of guitar playing to audiences hungry to learn and advance their own skills. To broaden his reach and influence, Adam has come to us for three years now […]

  • Instruction DVD: Password Only

    For a government contract client, we created a 4-hour instructional DVD for assembling one of their complex devices. Please contact Rob at rob@dircksny.com to discuss.

  • Charter Cable TV Spots

    When budgets don’t allow for live-action footage, clients come to us for animated, graphic-only spots that catch the viewers eye as much as the live action would. The trick is to combine individuals with strong motion graphics skills with individuals with strong storyboarding skills (rarely do both skills exist in one individual). These spots were […]

  • Martha Stewart Living Direct Mail

    Sometimes our job is to work within strict, esthetic guidelines while stretching the boundaries to create something that visually grabs people and gets results. Here’s a good example of that delicate balancing act: To supplement the marketing tactics for her line of books, the folks at Martha Stewart Living approached us to write, design and […]

  • Helping Get America Online

    How do you get a company from 5 million subscribers to 25  million subscribers? You flood the world with FREE Trial CDs and you test, test, test! That’s exactly what we did for America Online. For over ten years, Dircks was AOL’s leading creative agency, creating high response rates not only in the thousands of […]

  • Vonage – Direct Mail

    We’ve worked with many tech companies over the years. Often, we are challenged to not only communicate their brand promise, but also to help prospects understand and embrace the new technology their product(s) uses. In the case of Vonage, VoiIP services were just starting to enter the market and Vonage hired us to help them […]

  • We do B-Roll, too.

    Around the time we decided to focus more on film and TV, we were approached by Briggs and Riley – the luggage company that first introduced rolling luggage to travelers worldwide. It was the 40th anniversary of that product breakthrough and they needed some B-roll to use for various TV and public relations events which […]

  • Web Ad Banners: Lots of Samples

    From static ad banners to animated gifs to flash banners to video banners, we’ve done it all. And more so than any other media, it’s fast and easy to gauge the effectiveness of an ad banner campaign – which has kept us on our toes to always be learning and growing so that we can […]