• Doritos TV Spot – Puppet Punch

    Every year Doritos runs a promotion for user-submitted commercials to win a million bucks. I didn’t with the million, but I love this commercial, too.

  • The Package. A 45-second short.

    This one’s actually a class project for my Cinematography class at NYU. Enjoy!

  • UCPN Ballerinas: A Mini Documentary

    The second in a series of mini-documentaries highlighting the incredible work of United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau. It’s been our honor and pleasure to help them with pro bono marketing, volunteering, and donations. So we know first hand how critical their services are. And these documentaries help people outside see what we’ve seen. Take seven […]

  • Voiceover for Healthy Directions Products

    Though I wouldn’t call myself a professional voiceover talent, its extremely practical to be able to provide this service when deadline grow ever-shorter! Take a listen and let me know if you think I could do movie trailer voiceovers!

  • Travel Set Infomercial

    I love infomercials. They’re absurd, totally funny, and actually sell real products. Here’s my take on a recent premium item we helped a client sell to customers. Enjoy.

  • The Artist Brief: Doug Reina

    The first in a series of mini-documentaries, The Artist Brief is meant to give a glimpse into the life of todays working artists – including painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, and more. Entire production by myself and my brother Dave.

  • 3D Video – Our Holiday Grab Bag

    For our holiday greeting this year, we sent out red/cyan glasses with our card, and created this 3D video using as many cheap 3D gags as we could find.

  • Neustar Web Video

    For the company’s 2013 campaign, we created a series of bold, challenging messages that could be easily be extended for many uses — in this case a series of videos for expanding web banner ads.

  • Secodish: An Investor Invitation

    Our client, a startup seeking funding via Kickstarter, wanted to showcase their newly-developed product to potential investors — but needed to do so efficiently. So using the principles themselves as narrators, we created a super-efficient video production that looked great but didn’t break the bank.

  • Motorola: New Product Video

    Working closely with Jim Lennon Photography, we provided b-roll footage of Motorola’s new RFID scanner product for use in online demos and press footage.

  • Healthy Directions Multimedia

    We were hired to create a multimedia-rich demo site for Dr. David Williams, a key player in vitamins, supplements and health products for a mature audience. The site was designed to walk customers and potential customers through the advanced functionality of the new company website. Voiceovers were recorded to make the process as easy as […]