• Fear can keep you from writing and publishing. Conquer it.

    It’s very common for writers to fear sharing their work. Taking your extremely personal, fragile thoughts, and exposing them to the big, bad world for judgement? Who wouldn’t be afraid? But there are ways to tackle that fear – to accept its role in your life, but minimize its hold over your work. This week, I came across a free online […]

  • Tim Grahl’s ‘How to launch your book with at least 25+ Amazon reviews’

    For the past year or so, I’ve been reading and following Tim Grahl, a consultant who helps authors build their platforms and launch books. He’s also the author of Your First 1000 Copies, a tremendously helpful book on marketing your own books. And he gives away tons of great information and advice. Like the simple, straightforward […]

  • Where the Hell is Tesla? A Novel

    “One of the funniest books I’ve ever read! I loved it. Don’t miss this one!”- Patricia Mick, April 2015 “I loved this book! Hysterical, interesting, cool, just awesome. I flew through it in a few days and laughed the whole way through. I love sci-fi, I love humor and this is the perfect mix of […]

  • Animation: Lincoln vs. Washington

    Abe and George try to find something to talk about other than the Gettysburg Address. Their choice? Bacon.

  • The Artist Brief: Andy Mac

    The second in a series of brief discussions with some of today’s working artists, this time featuring NYC singer songwriter Andy Mac.

  • Doritos Commercial – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Jewels

    Every year Doritos runs a promotion for user-submitted commercials to win a million bucks. I didn’t with the million, but I love this commercial.

  • Animation: Bink and Bonk

    Since we do some After Effects animations for clients, I’ve decided to try my own characters, Bink and Bonk. Today’s episode: Bink auditions for a starring role in his own animation series. “Emotions” is the theme.

  • YummyStock – Royalty Free Stock Footage

    Video is a passion of mine – and I love the idea of being able to sell your own stuff on the Internet. So I came up with “YummyStock,” my own royalty-free stock video brand, which I sell on www.istockphoto.com.