• You’re Going to Mars!

    Living and slaving in Fill City One, you get used to the smell. We call it the Everpresent Stink. But every once in a while, on a spring day with a breeze, it clears away enough to remind us that there is something more out there. Most Fillers’ wildest dreams would be just to get past […]

  • An Interview with Khristine Hvam, Narrator of You’re Going to Mars!

    My new novel, You’re Going to Mars!, will be published by Audible Studios on November 13. (You can pre-order here!) As part of the publishing process, I was thrilled to visit Audible Studios in New Jersey, and also take a little trip to visit the narrator, Khristine Hvam, in her home recording studio. Khristine has […]

  • Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal: The Wrong Unit at 99¢

    This week only, get my science fiction novel, The Wrong Unit, for just 99¢. It’s a future sci-fi odyssey of a “unit” with a problem: how to deliver his package, out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to guide him. Oh, and with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. It’s a science […]

  • August’s FREE audio sci-fi short, “Dakō,” posted to Listen To The Signal Podcast

    Hi guys! Today’s short story was inspired by an article I read in the New York Times about a couple of men who, many years after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011, still go diving every day looking for remains of their loved ones. It’s so sad, they understand I think the futility of the search, but something compels them to never give up, and it becomes a ritual to honor the dead, or sorts, or at least that’s what I thought of it. So as I’m reading this article, of course, I say to myself, “What if…?” and this story spilled out of my head, complete. 

  • This stuff works!  (No, I’m not selling vitamins, I swear)

    Part of my mission with my little publishing imprint Goldfinch Publishing is to help folks with their own self-publishing or audiobook production through free resources and personal Q&As at Goldfinch DIY. So every week I get a few emails asking for pointers on selling books, or finding the right audio gear, or how to work with […]

  • I Got to Narrate Bob, the New Middle Grade Book by Wendy Mass!

    Wow. So this actually happened: an author tweets that she likes one of my audiobooks, so I tweet back “thanks,” and one thing leads to another and suddenly I’m in New York City at Penguin Random House Audio, recording the narration for her next book!

    That’s Wendy Mass up there in the photo with me, New York Times bestselling author of middle-grade fiction including The Candymakers, A Mango-Shaped Space, and Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. She’s teamed up with fellow NYT bestselling author Rebecca Stead on their latest creation, Bob. It’s a wonderful story about friendship, memory, and probably my favorite of all themes, coming home. (Btw, I performed “Bob,” and Nora Hunter performed “Livy.”)

  • March’s FREE audio sci-fi short, “Their DNA Was No Longer The Same,” posted to Listen To The Signal Podcast

    Hey guys! I just read an article yesterday, about Mark and Scott Kelly, the twin astronauts, and how Scott came back after a record length trip aboard the International Space Station, and they found that his DNA was no longer identical to his twin, Mark. What an intriguing premise for a story, right? And I’m also a twin, so the idea wouldn’t get out of my head. I decided to make this one a little more like a series on conversations I might have with my twin brother if we were astronauts and something like this happened, so it reads more like a radio play, with nothing but dialog. Enjoy! Check out March’s FREE original audio sci-fi short story “Their DNA Was No Longer The Same” here.

  • Rob & Dave Visit Garden City Park Elementary with Alphabert!

    Rob and Dave kicked off their author school tour (okay, it’s just one school so far) with Mrs. Cipolla’s 2nd grade class at Garden City Park Elementary, sharing their first children’s book collaboration, Alphabert! An A-B-C Adventure!  The kids loved listening to Rob read the story and show them the (awesome) illustrations, but even more, […]