My New Novel You’re Going to Mars! is Available for Pre-Order!

My new novel, You’re Going to Mars!, is available for pre-order!

Yes, Audible Studios is publishing my next novel as an audiobook exclusive, and releasing it on November 13. How cool is that? “Pretty cool,” you’re probably saying, “but what the hell is it about?”

Well, You’re Going to Mars! is the story of a young woman named Paper who wins a chance to compete for a spot on the first manned mission to Mars. Sounds simple, right? But it’s a science fiction odyssey/comedy/love story/adventure with about a million twists and turns, and possibly even a downer ending. (Wait. Rob Dircks? Downer ending? I’m not sure I’d bet on that.)

Pre-Order the Audiobook Now!

Here’s the book jacket copy (I know. Audiobooks don’t have jackets):

Living and slaving in Fill City One, you get used to the smell. We call it the Everpresent Stink. But every once in a while, on a spring day with a breeze, it clears away enough to remind us that there is something more out there. Most Fillers’ wildest dreams would be just to get past the walls and live in the mainland. But my dream? It’s a little bigger.

I’m going to Mars.

Well, I’m only going to Mars if I can find a winning Red Scarab to get on Zach Larson’s crazy reality show. And then I’ll have to figure out how to escape this hellhole. And then compete on live television for three months. And somehow win a spot on the crew of the very first manned mission to Mars. Oh, and one more slight obstacle? There might be a reason that by 2085 a human still hasn’t set foot on the Red Planet. A dangerous reason. A reason worth killing for.

In You’re Going to Mars! Rob Dircks, Audible best-selling author of Where the Hell Is Tesla?, creates a near-future filled with family (the good kind and the insufferable kind), pop divas, mobsters, and the world’s first trillionaire – and sends them all on a science fiction odyssey/comedy/love story/adventure that will change their world forever.


Oh, wait, there’s more (it’s me, so of course there’s more): since the protagonist of our story and several of the key characters are female, I won’t be doing the narration honors this time around — so Audible Studios has paired my words with the narration stylings of three-time-Audie-Award-winning Khristine Hvam!

In addition to her Audies, Khristine has won seven Earphone Awards from AudioFile Magazine, and can be heard in TV/radio commercials, video games, animated series, and of course, over 275 audiobooks.

Whew! You think this email was long enough? Anyway, if you get a chance, pre-order the audiobook, and on November 13 treat your ears to something brand new!

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