The Audible Bestselling trilogy comes to a close! (Or does it?)

Listen, having kids is great, my little Gigi Collins and Pete’s daughter Hannah are sweet little fluffs of cotton candy, spun from the silk of fairy spiders who live in the clouds. But MAN, can they cause trouble. Seriously, you’d think a two-year-old couldn’t possibly threaten the very existence of our physical reality, but, well, you know where this is going.

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So join me and Pete, and Bobo, and of course the man himself, Nikola Tesla, on another spine-tingling, bowel-loosening thrill ride, and remember: bring your adult diapers.

WARNING: If you haven’t read Where the Hell is Tesla? and Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff! (Where the Hell is Tesla? Book 2), I apologize in advance, as you might get completely freaking lost. If you do, just call my apartment, if I’m not watching Gigi I’ll try to pick up the phone, and I’ll fill you in. (Assuming our physical reality still exists.) – Chip


“★★★★★ “Where the Hell is Telsa?” is a great series! I haven’t enjoyed listening to a series of audiobooks in a very long time like I did with this series. Rob Dircks is this generation’s Douglas Adams. The books are pure fun!

“★★★★★ Great end to a great trilogy. Rob Dircks is one of my all-time favorite authors! this trilogy was so fun and corky that I couldn’t put it down. I got the first book on a whim and ever since I have been a massive fan of Rob Dircks. if I could give this book 6 stars I would.”

“★★★★★ Head into the ITA for one last grand adventure! “Gigi Make Paradox” writen and read by Rob Dircks is the third and final installment in the ‘Where The Hell Is Tesla’ Trilogy. I stumbled upon this series by accident as a daily deal on Audible, and I’m so glad I did. The first 2 books were amazing, and the 3rd lives up and perhaps even passes its predecessors. Right from the get go I’m pulled back into the world by Chip Collins and we are ready to go on another adventure in the ITA. For this final installment the author pulled out all the stops, the stakes are much higher (multiverse time ending high) , the action amazing (pow bang smash), the comedy brought me to tears with laughter, and the character development was perfect and brought me to tears for a whole different reason (Im not crying. You’re crying). Rob Dircks trilogy (and his other books) prove there are still original ideas out there that make life wonderful and full of delicious possibilities. The only bad thing about this book is that it is the end, no more ITA and no more amazing cast of unforgettable characters. I hope you give this tale a chance and enjoy it as much as I did. I leave you with the books motto and true words to live by dude, “Sh**’s Crazy. Don’t ask.”

“★★★★★ Lovable characters & bizarre worlds woven together with a fast-paced, natural voice.  What a friggin’ blast! I couldn’t put down this epic final installation in Rob Dircks’ Tesla trilogy. Hilarious and endearing, it starts with a fart joke and ends with a poop joke—and takes the reader through an extraordinary adventure in between. Lovable characters and bizarre worlds are woven together with a fast-paced, natural voice that goes down smoooooth. This book in particular (and this series in general) deserve a permanent spot on the shelf of outrageously fun, thoughtful science fiction.”

“★★★★★ What a great Trilogy! I’m actually kind of sad that the trilogy ended. I’m certainly going to miss Chip, Pete, Nikola, the kids, Julie, Meg, Gina and of course Bobo! They actually read way too fast and I found myself laughing on almost every single page. It was a fabulous series and a must-read in my opinion!”

“★★★★★ Absolutely brilliant book. Just as entertaining as the other 2 parts. I was laughing and crying reading the book. Great job Rob!