The day you’ve been wishing for your entire life has finally arrived.

Okay, that’s a complete and total overstatement, but just in case you’ve had my book Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff! (Where the Hell is Tesla? Book 2) on your audiobook wish list, now’s your chance to snag it at a sweet discount – Audible’s “As You Wish” Sale is running this week only for their most wished-for titles. Mine is only $5.95, which is like a billion percent off the normal $19.95 price. Cha-CHING!

“What can I expect from Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff!” you say? Well, it’s a touching tale of blossoming love, as two teenagers are shipwrecked on a lost tropical island, the summer moon and silky sand conspiring to enchant them. Oh shit, wait, that’s Blue Lagoon.

No, Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff! is the sequel to Where the Hell is Tesla?, the Audible bestselling sci-fi comedy about Chip Collins, his friend Pete, and their misadventures trying to save Nikola Tesla and the entire multiverse. (Shhh… both books are really love stories at their core, seriously, but don’t tell anyone.)

Oh, and if you think somebody you know might like to listen in and join Chip and friends as they nearly destroy everything we know and love, please share/tweet/forward the link above.