• April’s FREE audio sci-fi short, “Tick Tick Tick,” posted to Listen To The Signal Podcast

    So last week I got a tick on me, and of course I freaked out, and did the whole doctor thing, they have to check your blood, check the tick, etc. And I started thinking: here’s this tiny little thing, hardly even there, and it can bring you to your knees. But what if it went even further? Like sci-fi further? Just how bad could it get? This story veers into sci-fi horror, so I apologize in advance if you have any bug nightmares.

  • Animation: Lincoln vs. Washington

    Abe and George try to find something to talk about other than the Gettysburg Address. Their choice? Bacon.

  • Animation: Bink and Bonk

    Since we do some After Effects animations for clients, I’ve decided to try my own characters, Bink and Bonk. Today’s episode: Bink auditions for a starring role in his own animation series. “Emotions” is the theme.

  • Black Swan 2 – A Spoof Movie Trailer

    This one’s actually a class project for my Cinematography class at NYU. Enjoy!

  • The Package. A 45-second short.

    This one’s actually a class project for my Cinematography class at NYU. Enjoy!

  • UCPN Ballerinas: A Mini Documentary

    The second in a series of mini-documentaries highlighting the incredible work of United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau. It’s been our honor and pleasure to help them with pro bono marketing, volunteering, and donations. So we know first hand how critical their services are. And these documentaries help people outside see what we’ve seen. Take seven […]

  • Voiceover for Healthy Directions Products

    Though I wouldn’t call myself a professional voiceover talent, its extremely practical to be able to provide this service when deadline grow ever-shorter! Take a listen and let me know if you think I could do movie trailer voiceovers!

  • Travel Set Infomercial

    I love infomercials. They’re absurd, totally funny, and actually sell real products. Here’s my take on a recent premium item we helped a client sell to customers. Enjoy.